This page is a work-in-progress.  If you have ideas for FAQs, please contact Lori Blasioli (seavphighschool@gmail.com) to make a suggestion. 

Current FAQ Topics:

Home Email

Personal Days

Renewal of License

Sick Days

Union Dues


1.  Need to give or update YOUR HOME EMAIL address for the SEA to receive important updates?  Please contact Lori Blasioli at school email lblasioli@shrewsbury.k12.ma.us.  When emailing please include your school location because all emails are organized by school.  

2.  How do I access the amount paid for union dues?  You can access that information by clicking on the Members Only Tab above and signing in so you can access this information. 

3.  Can I renew my professional license early?  YES, you can relicense up to 1 year before the actually deadline for recertification.  DESE Renewal Information Page

4.  My license renewal isn’t up until December 2016, but I would like to recertify before July 1, 2016 when the new rules (15 PDPs for SPED & 15 PDPs for ELL) go into affect, can I?  YES YOU CAN!  Here is a link to the DESE website which has all the details.  DESE Renewal Information Page

5.  Personal Days…..what can I use them for? 

     The following is taken directly from the SEA contract page 17:

     "Each employee shall be permitted three (3) Personal Days with pay each school year to be used for personal, legal business, household, medical or family matters which require the individual to be absent. Advanced notice is given whenever possible. Personal days shall not be taken for recreational and/or leisure activities.”

     Personal Days are not to be use to take a vacation or for extending a long weeked for vacation purposes .  

6.  When do I use a Personal Day for a medical reason versus using a Sick Day? 

     A Personal Day is used for routine medical appointments for yourself or a family member that couldn't occur outside the normal school day. 

     A Sick Day is used when you are sick or when a newly diagnosis requires you to have other procedures done.  Suppose you went to the doctor and had a mammogram.  The doctor found something suspicious and more tests are required, then you should use a sick day for these follow-up appointments.  

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