Board Members

Executive Board

Presidents: Gary Chalmers (

Vice President of High School: Lori Blasioli (

Vice President of Middle Schools: Vickie McCarthy (

Vice President of PreK to 4th Grade: Kelly Finneran (

Secretary: Lynne Doherty

Treasurers:Heather Penfield

Committee Chairs

Membership: Melissa Johnson

Professional Rights & Responsibilities(PRR):

Healthy & Safety: Pam Johnson

Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC): Brian Liporto

Sick Leave Bank: Susanna Pierce and Betsy Caforio

Building Reps

Each building has representatives that will attend monthly meetings and bring back information concerning the SEA. More importantly, your building reps are there to assist you when you have questions or concerns.  Please do not hesitate to contact a building rep with a question concerning the contract, personal issue, administration issue, etc---just to name a few. 

Beal (2 reps possible): Katie Knott and Emily Chaves

Coolidge (2 reps possible): Lisa Cantin and Patricia Broszeit

Floral (4 reps possible): Heidi Richard, Laura Spangenberg, Chris Nolli, and Angela Pappalardo

Parker Road (2 reps possible): Melissa Johnson and Bridget Nichols

Paton (2 reps possible): Stephanie Halacy and Lisa Smith

Sherwood Middle (4 reps possible): Janet Duggan, Maura ONeil, Liz Blash, Kevin Donahue

Spring St (2 reps possible): Barbara Luby and Colleen Reilly

Oak Middle (4 reps possible): Mindy Sefton, Stacey Militello, Susana Pierce, and Amy Johnson

High School (5 reps possible): Heather Penfield, Jen Steinberg, Christina MacDonald, and Paula Toti

Director Rep (1 rep possible): Pamela LeBlanc

Want to be a building rep? Please speak to one of your current building reps above and they will then contact the co-presidents. It is always best to have the maximum number of reps in each building to share the load. 

Shrewsbury Education Association